Without scouring the self help section for the latest positive thinking hack.

I help high achieving overthinkers find true self confidence.

Want to stop beating yourself up? 


Overcomplicating everything? 

Thinking others have it figured out better than you ever will? 

Hello, catastrophic thinker. Yes, I see you.

My coaching comes in two flavors: A small 1:1 panel and a small group program. Join the list to hear about enrollment, 1:1 openings and free trainings.

I’ll send you emails with tangible information about the psychology of deliberately directing your thinking.

Using cognitive psychology concepts and coaching tools, I’ll help you find the root causes of why you repeatedly think how you think and do what you do.

You’re in the right place if:

Keep your high standards and bold goals. Ditch the perfectionism*. Keep your fierce kindness. Quit the people-pleasing. Learn to compassionately direct your mind on purpose and trust yourself completely.

Because at the end of the day, what matters most? In “your one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver) how do you actually want to use your time and attention?

Meet Kristi

I’m Kristi Angevine. I spent over 10 years as a busy ObGyn and loved many parts of that life.

When first I became a coach, I started off coaching physicians just like me: overthinkers with anxiety, self-doubt, and perfectionistic tendencies.

They looked great on paper and could appear calm on the outside. 

But inside something was…off. Discontent without a great reason why.

Always working on fixing something; it’s better to be better.

Masterfully overextending themselves. 

Physically present at the dinner table, but mentally running a to-do list.

Olympic champs at busying. Woefully bad at whitespace.

Their signature hobby: Quietly beating themselves up and not even realizing they’re being harsh.

And to top it off, they were savvy to self-help and coaching concepts. They’d binged all the episodes and read all the books. But connecting this to real habit change was a different story…

Sound familiar? If this is you- physician or not- I’m here to help. To learn about my 1:1 coaching opening, sign up to my mailing list below or email me directly at hello@habitsonpurpose.com. To be the first to learn when the next Habits on Purpose for Physicians small group coaching program opens for enrollment, join the waitlist here.